“It is a real privilege to recommend my friend Alexandra as a dressage instructor and horse trainer. Alexandra was introduced to me about four years ago. When learning about her experience and education in German horsemanship, I asked her to spend time with one of our horses. Her quiet methods and patience produced a much calmer and nicer moving fellow. Following the sale of that wonderful horse, I began riding under her instruction on another gelding that I didn’t feel I could “sit” well. She coached us to a level that gave me enough confidence to enter a local training show to win three Western dressage classes. I hadn’t shown in many years. I have the utmost respect for Alexandra. She is quiet, patient, reliable and always prepared. I highly recommend her for the wealth of knowledge that she has and her willingness to share it.”

Coleen Mathews


 “I met Alexandra about 3 years ago through my mom, Coleen Mathews. She told me how well Alexandra was doing with one of her own horses and what a kind and wonderful lady she was. I met her a few times before I had any lessons. We talked a lot about saddle fitting technology she was bringing in from the famous dressage saddle company that she had been working with, Schleese.
Not only does she have an excellent understanding of proper and correct saddle fitting, but as I learned when I had my first lesson with her, she is also very tactful and disciplined in dressage training and riding.
I found each lesson very helpful. She really takes her time and makes sure the foundation is solid before moving ahead. I loved how she explained what she was seeing and how to better execute it. My horse and I responded very well to her.
We’ve not only grown in a training relationship, but I am now very honoured to call this amazing lady my friend.”
Allie Guertin
“Alexandra is a very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor who offers a kind, calm and caring approach towards both the horse and rider.
I started taking dressage lessons last spring with Alexandra. As a newer rider, she has been dedicated and patient in helping both me and my horse gain the confidence we needed to succeed. Alexandra always seems to ensure you are set up for success, not failure. My horse and I have flourished under her guidance and I could not ask for a better instructor.
I have also participated in a wonderful clinic and received excellent saddle fitting services from her. I will continue to utilize Alexandra’s services in the future and am looking forward to my continual improvement as a dressage rider under her guidance.”
Denise B.
“I have known Alexandra over 4 years now taking riding lessons, which I thoroughly enjoy as Alexandra has a wealth of knowledge applied in a very kind, patient manner. She incorporates great patterns and obstacles, which really helps in the learning process.
She is also doing a fantastic job with her skills in saddle fitting which is so important for the horse.”
Colleen W.
“I took western dressage lessons from Alexandra two years ago over the course of the summer. The lessons were thorough and professional.
She also put several rides on my horse, improving her collection and
self-carriage. Alexandra has a broad range of knowledge that she has
imparted in a kind and patient manner to both me and my horse.”
Muriel Powell

” Alexandra is one excellent riding instructor with outstanding knowledge in all topics related to training and management of horses and their riders. I greatly appreciate Alexandra making the horse’s welfare her utmost importance. This includes ensuring correct and safe saddle and other tack fit and training according to the classical Pyramid of Training. Her very calm, friendly, patient and accepting nature create a wonderful learning atmosphere for both, the student and the horse.”

Esther Schlegel